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Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you in search of bridesmaid wear that can help your bridesmaid achieve a look of royalty without wearing the conventional color of royalty, which is purple? Why not try out an emerald bridesmaid dress? You will be shocked to see how much sophistication and royalty you can get from wearing this color.  

Emerald is a color made up of a vivid and bright shade of green with the name gotten historically from the shade of green found in an emerald gemstone. Because of the historical rarity associated with precious gemstones, emerald green is a classic color that stands for royalty, balance, wealth, prestige, sophistication, luxury, harmony, and refinement.  

Also, because green is associated with nature and the environment, emeralds can signify renewal, luck, and freshness. Therefore, if you would want your bridesmaid to appear as royalty that they are, without showing up in the common color of royalty, which is purple, then emerald would be a good choice. Emerald color, when combined, can go well with all other shades of green. Other colors it will go well with include Orchid, Dusty rose, white or ivory, Marigold, Lime Green, and Beige.  

Reach out to us at Cetims today and watch how we will help your day look magical by providing you with bridesmaid dresses that will make your bridesmaid noticed. 

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