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  We are committed to unique, sexy design and customer service to help every woman find her dream dress, for bridesmaids, prom, and every event in between. Jasmine started at the bottom, and learning the online shopping trade, we’ve worked our way up to becoming a state-of-the-art company. On 2022, we set up our own company, we at Cetims have been in the industry actively building on and improving our service and quality, communicating with our workers and customers to provide excellent dresses and great service. As a part of becoming our own unique brand, we also have our own factory.

  At Cetims, we believe every girl should be able to find that perfect dress she’s been looking for. That’s why we offer over 80 colors on our site to choose from, along with many different styles. Our dress options are created from skillfully crafted, carefully curated materials like velvet, satin, jersey, and floral chiffon. We like to keep things interesting with modern looks and a fresh, non-traditional design standpoint, focusing on making dresses that will flatter your figure. Mermaid style dresses are one of our specialties in particular! Not to forget, we also offer custom sizing to give you a perfect fit.

  One of the greatest obstacles we’ve faced was giving our customers dresses that were tailored to perfection, fitting them perfectly. Finding the perfect fit can be difficult- this can be due to miscommunications between our buyers and workers about measurements, or just not being able to tailor a dress in-person. Many shops only need shoulder to floor length measurement, but this can be interpreted many different ways. No dress measured so arbitrarily would fit well. So, after conversing with our workers and buyers, we developed a crystal-clear questionnaire to help us give you the more accurate fit on your dress. We take into account more than just shoulder-to-floor, taking pride in the unique measurements of every buyer for a perfect gown.

  We also know our merchandise well and understand how to give our customers the experienced tips for buying. For instance, since factory dye lots can vary from lot to lot, we know to tell customers to buy their dresses at the same time, guaranteeing a more accurate color-match. Because we know the ins and outs of the business, our customers trust us to make their dream dresses.

  We specialize in bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses, guaranteeing a chic, unforgettable look for your next special occasion.Any accessories you might need, we also have- from headpieces, to earrings, to makeup and nail extras, and ties. Offering you high quality items for all price points and all body types is our specialty.

  Communication is key for us! We see things from our customer’s end, and try to provide the full service possible. Providing quality and matchless individual looks is our mission here at Cetims, and we’re excited to work with you.

Contact us: service@cetims.com
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