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It’s normal for the slight difference because sometimes the measurements provided are not accurate, if error is over 1'', then you have to alter it.
For standard size dresses, we have to put them into corresponding size mannequin to check before sending, only dresses fit mannequin well, then we can send them out, that's the reason we can make sure dresses run true to size.
For custom size dresses, each custom made dress will be checked 4 times by 4 different workers before sending, that's 4-times checking, so we can control error less than 1'' by this way.
Even though we will make your order according to your measurements, it is only basic custom sizing. So you may need additional alterations or adjustments at your expense to get your ideal and fit dress. To provide additional assistance and help, we offer a limited alterations reimbursement for all dresses (including standard size dresses and custom size dresses), please note this request should be issued within 7 natural days from date of delivery, you just submit a picture of your receipt from the tailor via email to and we'll do the rest! Way too easy? Yes, It’s so easy for you to get the reimbursements!
Please see reimbursement limits for our custom size dresses below in USD:
Dress $99 or less - Reimbursement limit $20
Dress $100 - $199 - Reimbursement limit $30
Dress above $200 - Reimbursement limit $40
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