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Cetims strives to provide the best products in the bridesmaid dresses industry.

Normal Order Delivery Time: Within 30 natural days worldwide from the date of confirmation.
Rush Order Delivery Time: Within 20 natural days or even earlier worldwide from the date of confirmation.
Orders processing: Monday — Saturday. (Orders placed on Sunday would be processed the following Monday.)
Shipping cost is based on your order's price, destination, and shipping method.
We will get you noticed if there is any question about your order. Please pay attention to your email.
All dresses will be sent folded.
Usually, your items will be shipped via DHL or UPS. (3-8 business days, no more than 2 weeks) If you want a different method, please leave your requirements in the comment or email us.

Please Note:
The total time frame includes the production time and the shipping time;
Please fill in the street address in detail not POBOX or military address(APO), otherwise, we would have to use EMS for delivery (it's so slower than others, it's around 1-2 months or even longer);
You need to be clear about the import duty of your country, buyers should pay international taxes if there are customs taxes. Buyers from Canada, Australia, or other countries, have to pay import customs taxes, which can't be avoided.
You will get the tracking status of your package once we update the tracking number, so please keep watch on the tracking status until you get the package, because the packages are easily lost recently.
Please do not open the package if you find the package was broken, please contact the express immediately and send us such a case, and we will report this case to our local express too. If you still open the package, there is a possibility that the express will refuse to pay the loss.
Please report to us the loss of the package within 30 natural days for DHL and UPS express, and 21 natural days for Fedex express from the date of shipping otherwise the express will refuse to pay any loss of the package since the claim has expired;
Please note if you choose the ODD(On Demand Delivery) service from DHL Express or the "MY CHOICE RELEASE" service from UPS express, it means you accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the package, as well as for any loss or damage caused by the package, even to third parties, after the package has been released according to your instructions or, in the case of the Authorized Signature Release service, at the consignee’s discretion. All express companies will refuse to pay the loss of the package if the package was lost.
The shipping address can be changed before we send your package out, but once we send it out, we really can't make sure the delivery address can be changed successfully, that's the answer the express always told us, they will charge us $13-160/package no matter they can change address successfully or not, so the shipping address must be exactly correct.
Please note, once the package was delivered, we can't change the address any more.
If you want to know more shipping information, please send an Email to us.

The Shipping Cost
Our shipping costs depend on the total amount of your order and the country the dresses will be shipped to.

Shipping costs to the US, Canada are as follows
Order Value Shipping Fee
$1-$19.99 $6.99
$20-$49.99 $9.99
$50-$99.99 $23.99
$100-$149.99 $25.99
$150-$199.99 $37.99
$200-$249.99 $44.99
$250-$299.99 $51.99
$300-$349.99 $58.99
$350-$399.99 $65.99
$400-$499.99 $77.99
$500-$599.99 $85.99
$600-$699.99 $95.99
$700-$899.99 $115.99
$900-$999.99 $125.99
$1000-$1499.99 $175.99
$1500-$1999.99 $225.99
$2000 and above $279.99

Shipping costs to the Puerto Rico(US)

Order Value Shipping Fee
$0.00-$19.99 $30.99
$20.00-$49.99 $40.99
$50.00-$99.99 $55.00
$100.00-$149.99 $75.99
$150.00-$199.99 $90.99
$200.00-$249.99 $105.99
$250.00-$299.99 $120.99
$300.00-$349.99 $135.99
$350.00-$399.99 $150.99
$400.00-$499.99 $180.99
$500.00-$599.99 $210.99
$600.00-$699.99 $240.99
$700.00-$799.99 $270.99
$800.00-$899.99 $300.99
$900.00-$999.99 $330.99
$1000.00-$1099.99 $360.99
$1100.00-$1199.99 $390.99
$1200.00-$1299.99 $420.99
$1300.00-$1399.99 $450.99
$1400.00-$1499.99 $480.99
above $1499.99 $510.99


We do not reimburse the customs duty charged by the country in which the customer is located. If there is a possibility that your country will charge customs duties, please state when you reply to the confirmation email. If there are any customs duties, please bear them by yourself.

Production Time
We will deal with your order within 24 hours and inform our tailors to start making your dresses. So if you want to cancel the order, please contact us within 24 hours, we will charge for cancellation of orders over 24 hours because the fabric used for the dress has already been cut. Want a detailed cancellation policy, please refer to our return and cancellation policy. Generally, according to the complexity of the dresses, the required time is following:
Wedding dresses: 3-5 weeks.
Bridesmaid dresses: 2-4 weeks.
Prom dresses: 2-4 weeks.
Mother of the bride dresses: 2-4 weeks.
The delivery time of accessories and fabric swatches depends on our inventory and they can be shipped within 24 hours when we have sufficient stock.
After you understand the information above, you will better know how long it takes to get a dress. So we suggest you write a note or send us an e-mail to inform us of the date you want to receive the dress when you place an order. Then we can arrange the production better, and let you receive the dress as soon as possible.
Once your order has been sent out, the shipping address can not be changed. So if you want to change the shipping address, please inform us as soon as possible. If you have to change the address, we can help you contact the express company, but it will incur costs, which will be borne by the customer. We will inform you of the tracking number after delivery, and you can check and track the order on the official website.

We can offer you the service of rush orders for some styles, rush orders will be finished within 20 natural days or even earlier, please contact us if you want it earlier, and we will check whether it is available. Rush order is an extra $10.00-$45.00 more than a normal order. Placing an order earlier not only ensures that you have enough time but also allows us to do it better.
Please Note:
If you want to change the address during the shipping of your orders, you’ll need to pay the extra shipping fee for changing the address.
If the order is delayed for you
We are very sorry if there is a delay for you.
If we cause the delay due to production or shipping issues, you can either return the dress for a full refund or keep the dress with a 15% discount.
If the delay is caused by you, like the wrong address you offered us, or you do not sign for after delivering too many times, we will not be able to be responsible for the duty.
The order will be delivered within the confirmed time, we will upload the tracking number once the package is sent out, so you will get an update about the tracking status.

Expedited Service: Please contact us in detail!

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