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Chocolate Bridesmaid Dresses

A chocolate bridesmaid dress is one great option for bridesmaid wear if you are searching for one that is not too flashy.  

Chocolate is a dark shade of brown and it signifies reliability, resilience, healing, and strength. The color chocolate has that name because it is a shade of brown that resembles chocolate. A better description of them is that they are colors based on cocoa products such as raw chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and other foods. This color is obtained by blending blue, yellow, and red together, followed by black and white to adjust its intensity, therefore, accessories of blue, yellow, red, and neutrals will go well with it. If you have finally gone for a chocolate bridesmaid dress for that wedding ceremony, you can reach out to us to get it at affordable prices.  

At Cetims, we always love to help bridesmaids look good and build their confidence through their bridesmaid wear. All our chocolate bridesmaid dresses are available for you in different styles, sizes, decorations, sleeve lengths, and other embellishments. All you have to do is to reach out to us through our website to place your orders and drop your specifications. Afterward, sit back, relax and watch us do the magic while you become the spotlight in your beautiful bridesmaid wear. 

★When will I get my dress?

All of our dresses are made-to-order, this delivery time includes producing time and transition time.
Normal Order Delivery Time: Within 30±5 natural days to worldwide.
Rush Order Delivery Time: Around 20 natural days or even earlier to worldwide.

★When should I order the dress?

Please order all dresses around 2-3 months before your event, then you will have enough time to get some adjustments to the dress if it is necessary.

★How can I choose a suitable size?

Please compare your measurements of bust, waist, hip(biggest part of hip including butt) and hollow to floor with shoes on with our standard sizes, please note only error is less than 1'' for all measurements, then dress can fit well otherwise it's better choose custom size, that's way we can make sure dress will fit you like gloves.

★Should I choose standard size or custom size?

All of our dresses are available in size 0-30. Please note that only error less than 1'' between all your measurements of bust, waist, hip, hollow to floor with shoes on and standard size, then dress can fit well, otherwise it's better choose custom size.The measurement of hip is the widest part of hip, if your butt is bigger than hip, then please give us your measurements of butt too. There are no extra cost to do custom size here, just fill up your measurements on the product page. And we will confirm with you if error is bigger than 1'', please choose custom size, if error is less than 1'', then choose standard size, so dress will fit well.
Please note: for plus size dress(size over US14), the ruching and draping may not appear exactly as picture shown because pleating is longer, the weight will be heavier than normal, so the pleating might be a little out of shape, the difference will become obviously if measurements provided not right, so please try to provide us accurate measurements.

★Do I need to wear a bra with the dress?

Please give us your measurement of bust with bra if you want to wear bra, then if you don't want to wear bra, then give us measurement of bust without bra.

★How to wash the dress?

Pay attention please! Our dresses can only be dry-cleaned! Please don't wash them with the washing machine! If it has wrinkles, don't use an iron. If you have a household steam ironing machine, you can do it yourself. Or please send your dresses to a local dry cleaner. If the wrinkling is not too serious, you can hang it in the bathroom when you take a hot shower, and the steam is enough to remove tiny wrinkles.


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