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Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you know what they say about the color black? - They say the color of power, sophistication, and elegance and there is no single error about this. In Spain, during the 17th century, Catholic brides wore black silk wedding gowns. This is because black signifies the marital lifelong marital vows and commitment made by the wife to the husband till they are separated by death. So, these brides were not only saying the vows with their mouths, but they were also wearing it as a fashion piece statement, sounds so interesting! However, in recent times, brides wear less black for their weddings. Another thoughtful way to show a friendship bond is by helping the bride reemphasize her marital vows with black bridesmaid dresses.   

Going away from the symbolic meaning of black, another exciting reason black would be a great choice is the versatility attached to it. Are there any fashion pieces or accessories that don't match well with black? Talk of bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and blue or neutral colors like grey, brown, etc. They can also, they will go well with black.  

At Cetims, we delight in making your bridesmaid dresses the talk of the town. These black dresses come in different styles. Place an order today by clicking here. 


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